Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Registration Of Vehicle
Who is the Authority to issue Registration Certificate to vehicles?

The RTO / ARTO of the district / city in which the applicant resides and drives the vehicle

Where can the RC be renewed?

It can be renewed by the Registering Authority of the district / city of the state in which the applicant presently resides and drives the vehicle.

What is the procedure for applying for temporary RC?

Temporary RC for a period of 1 month can be issued by the Registering Authority of the city where the vehicle  is originally purchased, in order to enable the vehicle to be driven to the city where it will be permanently registered subsequently.

What is the area of validity of a RC?

The RC is valid for the vehicle to be driven throughout India

What is the period of validity of a DL?

15 years from the date of issue for a new vehicle, and then renewable for 5 years thereafter.

The vehicle is registered in City A of one state, and it now has to be transferred to City B of another state. What are the conditions & procedures involved?

In case the vehicle is to be transferred for use in the new city for a period exceeding 12 months, the application for assignment of a new registration number will be done as per procedures mentioned in the guidelines

In case the vehicle is to be transferred to another city within the same state, and is to be used there for more than 6 months, then the application for transfer will be made as per procedures mentioned in theguidelines.

Can alterations be made in the basic structure of any vehicle?

No, the basic structure of any vehicle as originally manufactures, can not be altered in any case, save for the following exceptions:

(a) In case the engine is modified so as to alter the type of fuel used into battery / CNG / LPG / solar power, or any other fuel or source of energy by fitment of a conversion kit.

(b) In case the engine has become defective and is replaced by another engine of exactly the same make and type as the original.

Can a bus be converted into a truck / can a truck be converted into a tanker / can a petrol engine be converted to diesel or vice versa?

No, none of these conversions are allowed.

Is a trailer required to be registered separately?

Any trailer has to be registered under the same provisions that apply to the registration of vehicles.