Frequently Asked Questions (DL)

ड्राइविंग करते समय मोबाइल फोन का इस्तेमाल न करें l   वाहनों के बीच उचित दुरी बना के रखें l    रक्षात्मक तरीके से वाहन चलायें l    वर्षा के दौरान गति कम रखें l    नशे की स्थिति में वाहन न चलायें l    यातायात चिन्हों का पालन करें l    वाहन चलाते समय सीट बेल्ट का उपयोग करें l || Click here to visit road safety website ||

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Driving License
Who is the Authority to issue Driving License?

The RTO / ARTO of the district / city in which the applicant resides or conducts his business

Where can the Driving License be renewed?
  • It can be renewed by the Licensing Authority of the district / city of the state in which the applicant presently resides or conducts his business
Where can a duplicate DL be issued in case the original is lost or mutilated?

Duplicate DL can be issued by the Licensing Authority which originally issued the DL or the LA which last renewed the DL

Is there a specific format in which the application for duplicate DL should be submitted?

No, the application can be submitted on a plain paper containing all requisite details.

What are the age restrictions in issuing DL to applicants?

(a) for un-geared motor cycle (upto 50 cc)      16 to 18 years with the written consent of parents / guardian

(b) Non-transport vehicles                               18 years and above

(c) Transport vehicles                                       20 years and above

Who can apply for issue of DL to drive Transport vehicles?

Any person who has held a DL to drive LMV for at least one year, and is above 20 years of age

What is the area of validity of a DL?

Throughout India

What is the period of validity of a DL?

(a) Learner's DL                                                                                                       valid for 6 months from the date of issue

(b) Permanent DL (for private vehicles)                                                                    20 years from date of issue or the time of attaining the age of 50 years, whichever is earlier.

(c) Transport vehicles DL                                                                                           3 years from the date of issue

(d) DL to drive Transport vehicles carrying dangerous / hazardous goods                1 year from the date of issue

What is the period for which DL can be renewed?

DL for private vehicles can be renewed for a period of 5 years each time

DL for Transport vehicles can be renewed for a period of 3 years each time.

What is the grace period after expiry of DL within which it can be renewed?

30 days from the date on which the DL expired

Who is the Appellate Authority in case the issue or renewal of DL is refused?

The Dy Transport Commissioner (Zone) of the concerned zone

What is the basic level of knowledge required to undergo a test for a Learner's DL?

Traffic signs / traffic signals / rules of the road / duties of a driver in case he is involved in an accident / precautions to be taken when crossing an unmanned railway crossing / documents that he is required to carry while driving.

What is the basis of judging an applicant appearing for a test for a Learner's DL?

The questions posed to an applicant are of objective type, and the applicant has to answer correctly at least 60 % of the questions posed.